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Study Team

The ESCCAPE collaborative team combines expertise in cancer epidemiology, the conduct and coordination of international epidemiological studies, genetics, environmental epidemiology, geochemistry, m-Health epi-fieldwork implementation, and local knowledge and clinical expertise. The currently active work is being led by the team listed below.

IARC Dr Valerie McCormack (ESCCAPE lead)
Dr Joachim Schüz
Dr Behnoush Abedi-Ardekani
Dr Daniel Middleton

Kenya Dr Diana Menya (study lead), Moi University, Eldoret

United Republic of Tanzania Drs Blandina Mmbaga and Amos Mwasamwaja (study leads), Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute/Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, Dr Michael Oresto Munishi

Malawi Drs Charles Dzamalala and Yohannie Mlombe (study leads), Health And Civic Research Initiative, Blantyre

United Kingdom Dr Michael Watts, British Geological Survey
Dr Christopher Mathew, Kings College London, United Kingdom and Sydney
Brenner Institute for Molecular Bioscience, South Africa

South Africa Drs Elvira Singh and Chantal Babb, National Health Laboratory Service, National Cancer Registry of South Africa

ESCCAPE has a liaison to the Nutritional Epidemiology Branch of the United States National Cancer Institute (Drs Christian Abnet and Sanford Dawsey).