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ESCCAPE has developed international collaborations across the world, bringing in further expertise. ESCCAPE is co-leading the aetiologic working group of the African Esophageal Cancer Consortium. We are working in the following areas:

Genetic susceptibility: Led by Dr Christian Abnet at the US National Cancer Institute, ESCCAPE is contributing to a large GWAS of esophageal cancer in Africa.

Oral microbiome: The oral microbiome is of interest in esophageal cancer due to association observed it poor oral health and hygiene. We are collaborating with Dr Christian Abnet at the US National Cancer Institute in this area.

Household air pollution: In Eldoret, Kenya, Professor Daniel Pope of the University of Liverpool has joined the collaboration, adding a detailed assessment of measured household air pollution to the case-control study.

Tumour mutation spectrum: ESCCAPE tumour samples and germline DNA are contributing to the Cancer Research UK Mutographs of Cancer Project

CytoSCCAPE: Alongside Prof. Rebecca Fitzgerald’s team at the University of Cambridge, the first feasibility studies of using the cytosponge in East Africa are being explored.